Travel Basketball 2023/24

Registration for Girls and Boys 2023/24 Travel Basketball tryouts is closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. Looking for the recreation program registration? Click the "Recreation" tab for more information.


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2023/24 Travel Tryouts Registration

Registration for Girls and Boys 2023/24 Travel Basketball tryouts is closed. Looking for recreation? Click the "Recreation" tab for more information.

About Travel Basketball

Jr. Laker travel basketball is designed to provide a positive experience for players capable and interested in an advanced level of play. Our program is also committed to improving the skills of its players to maximize their potential. Our goal is to field travel teams from 4th-8th grade, both boys and girls. However, based on numbers and talent, at times, the JLB board may need to combine teams or forgo a season altogether.

Tryouts are conducted in early October by an outside agency to eliminate any potential conflicts of interest and make the tryout process as fair as possible. Because we are a small town dealing with a smaller pool of basketball players, the Jr. Laker travel program enters into the Jersey Basketball League (JBL). The JBL will offer top-notch youth basketball, with approximately 450 teams from numerous, diverse towns. Many towns are much bigger Group 2, 3, and 4 schools. However, they provide different levels of competition, which allows the Jr. Laker Basketball board to place teams in divisions that match the talent level we have for each of our grade levels. In some cases, we may be in a situation where we just don’t have the talent in one grade, and we may have to combine grades or not have a travel team for a specific grade entirely.

Unlike other team sports like soccer, football, field hockey, volleyball, lacrosse, etc., basketball is a little unique, and we can only take so many kids on a team in order to manage it successfully. Our goal is to take ten kids per team. In some cases, however, the coaches and board may decide to take one or two more or less, depending on the circumstances. We understand not making a team can be frustrating for the kids and parents, however, all decisions made by the evaluators during tryouts are final. Kids are NOT guaranteed to keep their spot from year to year, so continued development is important to maintain your travel status.

Travel basketball is a commitment for players and parents. By accepting a spot on a travel team, it is expected that you place basketball as the primary sport for the entire season. The only way to improve is to attend practice. If you are unable to attend practice, please notify your coach 24 hours prior to the scheduled practice. Players who do not attend practices will see their playing time diminish. The Jr. Laker Basketball board expects all players and parents to abide by our player conduct policy, which you acknowledge during the registration process.

Overall, the Jr. Laker Basketball board is looking to build a pipeline to Mountain Lakes High School basketball programs, and with the support of the high school coaches and Athletic Director, we are continuing to try to find new ways for the high school program to work with our Jr. Laker Basketball travel and recreation programs as we continue their development.

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